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Protection of Personal Data declaration

1. Protection of Personal Data Declaration

Konig (Nowowiejska Street 53, 64-510 Wronki) processes your personal data while you visit our website or you make contact us in a different way. Your personal data is processed only to accept the work order, to perform it and to deliver other services. After you give consent, your personal data can be also used to other purposes. We do our best to make you feel safe and to use your personal data in an appropriate way. The present protection of personal data declaration concerns the way of gathering personal data and describes the way we use it. It also includes information about the way how personal data is stored, to whom it is shared and what your rights are.

2. What is personal data?

Personal data is any information which can be directly or indirectly connected with a person, including the full name, residential address, IP address and a mobile phone number.

3. Who is responsible for data processing?

Konig, based at Nowowiejska Street 53, 64-510 Wronki, is responsible for personal data processing which is an effect of using our website and services or in a case of contacting us in another way.

4. What kind of personal data is processed by us?

Konig (Nowowiejska St. 53, 64-510 Wronki) processes data including: full name, e-mail address, phone number and IP addresses. This information is processed for the following purposes:

4.1. Answer to the question

Contact and personal data which results from the question sent to us is processed. The personal data processing is based on Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), hereinafter “GDPR” art. 6 no. 1 letter f (interests weighting). We consider it necessary to be able to process your question.

4.2. Establishing relation with a client and management of their data

When a person contacts us with an enquiry, we perform an internal control to check a possible conflict of interests before we make a decision of accepting a job. The control of a conflict of interest when an individual client is considered includes the full name, the substance of a case, the other subjects’ data if they are enclosed in the enquiry.

4.3. Managing of a client data

In case of business clients the legal basis of data processing results from GDPR art. 6 no. 1 letter f, whereas in the case of individual clients, processing is considered as necessary to perform a contract in which a party is a person whose data applies to GDPR art 6 no. 1 letter b.

4.4. Knowledge management

Knowledge management is done completely anonymously. The base of the management is our interest in performing our services. GDPR article 6 no. 1 letter f (counterpoising of interests)

4.5. Invoicing

Contact data received from business clients are used in order to issue an invoice. Address data is used to issue an invoice in case of individual clients. The base for data processing is GDPR art. 6, no. 1, letter f (stabilization of interests) in case of business clients and GDPR art. 6 no. 1 letter b in case of individual clients (necessary to perform a contract in which a party is a person whose data is essential).

4.6. Cooperation with suppliers and co-workers

Contact data is processed only in the essential way in order to manage a contract and perform it (GDPR art. 6, no) 1, letter b.)

4.7. IT working and safety

Personal data stored in our IT system is shared by us and our suppliers in connection with system updating, introducing or monitoring safety measures, making correction or other conservation activities. The base for data processing is GDPR article 6 no. 1 letter f (stabilization of interests, in accordance with above mentioned and reasonable interest) and our legal duty to ensure sufficient safety of information (see GDPR, art. 32 and 6, no. 1, letter c.) Suppliers take actions in accordance with concluded contract concerning processing data and in accordance with our requirements.

4.8 Website and cookies files

We use cookie files to note the presence of a person using a website Konig (Nowowiejska Street 53, 64-510 Wronki): The purpose of this is conducting statistics concerning the use of the website and to create a base to improve it. To analyse the information we use a data device Google Analytics.
Information gathered by Google Analytics is stored on the Google servers in the United States of America. Received information is subject to the requirements of privacy policy data of Google. You have a possibility to resign from using cookie files by changing the settings in your search engine. This activity may simultaneously affect in the lack of the access to some of our services. On the website you can read how to configure your search engine to make it accept or reject cookie files

5. How do we secure your personal data?

Konig (Nowowiejska Street 53, 64-510 Wronki) introduced procedures and methods which purpose is to secure your data from an intrusive access of unauthorised people and to process them in accordance with regulations of law. In association with our data processing system suppliers, computing services, website, etc., current assessments are conducted in order to secure the way of storing collected information.

6. When is the personal data deleted?

Konig Company (Nowowiejska Street 53, 64-510 Wronki) does not store personal data longer than it is necessary to provide our services or to accomplish the purpose in any other way.

7. Who do we share personal data with?

Unless you give your separated consent to share it, your personal data is shared to other subjects only in a range in which it is necessary to fulfil contractual obligations. Sharing strictly protected information is done only on the basis of separate written authorization. The authorization may be cancelled at any time.

8. Your rights

The rules of personal data protecting give you a lot of laws, including the power of review data processed by us and a law to editing and deleting it. Laws to the power to delete data does not include the information which is essential for the company to perform ordered service to which the client still has the access or when the duty of storing the date is regulated by the law. It means that data collected in accordance with performing the service job will usually be deleted in the moment when the need to store it expires.

9. Contact

In case of any question regarding processing of your personal data or a request to review, edit or delete it, you are welcome to contact us via email at